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Obama sends small business lending bill to Congress
Saturday, May 08,2010 04:36 AM
The Obama administration has sent Congress a proposal to create a $30 billion program to unfreeze credit for the nation's small businesses.The $30 billion fund would provide support to small and medium-size banks with assets less than $10 billion to......
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How to Make Your Small Business Greener
Wednesday, April 21,2010 07:36 PM
With Earth Day just around the corner, the media is all aflutter with "Green" interviews, tips, commentary and prognostications.  Here's one we really enjoyed ... and it's a video, so you can multi-task and check under your sink for anti-gre......
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Start Ups Chase Cash as Funds Trickle Back
Monday, April 05,2010 04:14 AM
Starting a new business is easier than it was a year ago, but wealthy investors, venture-capital firms and banks are still trickling out money very selectively. Bryan Cooley started Langlearner, an online language-learning tool, in October wi......
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Business Credit Scores Get Murky
Tuesday, March 30,2010 05:28 PM
Credit scores are often touted as the make-it-or-break-it factor for business loans and credit lines. But even entrepreneurs with high business credit scores may have trouble getting financing. This is partly because business-credit scores—as well......
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The Best Tax Breaks for Small Businesses
Monday, March 22,2010 03:43 AM
It's tax crunch time again. From March 15, when some corporations file, to the April 15 deadline for individuals, small-business owners are busily organizing their receipts and books—and looking for as many tax breaks as possible.But when filing s......
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Survey Says Small Businesses More Upbeat
Friday, March 19,2010 03:55 AM
After a year marked by mass layoffs, declining sales and spending cutbacks, San Diego  County’s small-business owners are much more optimistic about their prospects in 2010, according to an annual survey of local business attitudes released to......
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Small Firms Would Hire You If Only They Could Get Loans
Tuesday, March 16,2010 03:11 AM
Capital is the oxygen that a small business needs to survive and thrive, yet across the country, the air's pretty thin, as business owners from coast to coast complain of huge hurdles to getting badly needed loans.Jim Collins, co-owner with his wife......
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Real Estate Linked to the Small Business Credit Crunch
Wednesday, March 10,2010 05:56 PM
It's no secret that small businesses in the U.S. face difficulties accessing credit. According to a survey of a random sample of 751 small businesses conducted by Gallup at the end of 2009 for the National Federation of Independent Business Research......
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Regulators ease up on small business loans
Wednesday, March 03,2010 04:44 AM
It's a chicken-and-egg problem that's plagued the credit markets for a year: Small businesses become riskier lending bets in a downturn, prompting banks to slash their lending. But tight credit cuts off the financing companies need to hire and grow......
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Small business credit in a deep recession
Friday, February 26,2010 03:56 AM
Denny Dennis, senior fellow with the NFIB Research Foundation, let me know a while back that he was working on a new small business survey looking at the impact of the recession on credit.  The NFIB released the report "Small Business Credit in......
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