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Three Best Ways to Build Business Credit from the WSJ
Monday, November 02,2009 12:22 PM
These are tough times so it bears listening to the old guard when it comes to how to get, build and maintain your business credit. No less an authority than the Wall Street Journal recently gave their Top Three when it comes to business credit, prom......
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SBA Stats Depend on Fuzzy Math
Tuesday, October 13,2009 09:07 PM
Just when it started to sound like the SBA was using its federal dollars more wisely ($93.3 billion awarded to small business contractors last year ... $10 billion more than 2007!), we find out they may have a broken calculator ... and worse, are sti......
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The Double Whammy of Small Business Bankruptcy
Tuesday, September 29,2009 11:26 AM
An article in the WSJ got me thinking today ... with the massive surge in entrepreneurial endeavors in the last few years, more and more people have exposed themselves (and their families and their lifestyles) to the life-changing rigors of bankruptc......
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Protection for Small Business Credit Card Users Making Its Way Through Congress
Sunday, September 20,2009 08:55 PM
I'm pretty sure I wasn't alone in being bummed out that small business credit card customers were specifically excluded from the protections offered to regular consumers earlier this year when Congress passed the Credit Cardholders Bill of Rights. T......
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Small Business Owners Are Just Plain Happier
Tuesday, September 15,2009 09:13 PM
An uplifting article in the Wall Street Journal (finally!) citing a study that found that small business owners are happier than people in ten other professions including some that would surprise you - doctors, attorneys, and executives and managers ......
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Credit Card Firms Now Willing to Negotiate
Thursday, September 10,2009 08:21 PM
In spite of some recent reports claiming that the worst is over, people continue to default on their credit card payments. Whether it's due to job loss, owning a struggling small business or simply an inability to keep up with higher interest paymen......
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Financing Your Small Business with Credit Cards is Riskier Than Ever
Monday, August 24,2009 09:15 PM
Great cautionary tale in the Los Angeles Times about the dangers of financing your small business with a credit card - whether with a business credit card or a personal one. Here's a frightening statistic: For every $1,000 in unpaid credit card d......
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Government Stimulus Contracts Work For Small Businesses
Wednesday, August 19,2009 06:40 PM
This morning, I read a great article in the Wall Street Journal about how small businesses are packaging their products to snag some stimulus money including some great information about how to register for different types of projects, typical waitin......
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Sneaky Fees, Coming Soon to a Business Credit Card Bill Near You
Monday, July 06,2009 09:08 PM
Right now, fees and penalties are the low hanging fruit the credit card companies can't take their eyes off of. I guess they've got to make up the shortfall somewhere ... From a recent WSJ article: Banks and card companies have gone on the......
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Signs of Recovery? Depends On Who You Ask
Wednesday, July 01,2009 10:13 PM
For every bit of news claiming consumer confidence is up, that banks are lending more money and that housing is recovering, there's another story about how things are looking worse. For small-business owners who rely on business credit cards, th......
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